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Lac Village

Lac Village

Traveling to Mai Chau valley, you should not miss the most excellent spot here - Lac village with the idyllic scenery of nature, unique culture, and friendly people.

Mai Chau is located around 135km from Hanoi at Hoa Binh province. On the way coming to Mai Chau, you will have a chance to pass through the top of Cun mountain, from which you can take a fabulous overview of the valley with the stilt houses and paddy fields, bringing the first impression about the culture of Mai Chau – Hoa Binh.

In Mai Chau, about 140 km from Hanoi, Lac village is hidden in the valley, surrounded by mountains and mist. Over the history of more than 700 years, Lac village has become a symbol of the cultural identity of the white Thai people, attracting a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

Where is Lac village?

Have a bike tour in Lac village

Have a bike tour in Lac village

Lac village is located in Mai Chau valley, Hoa Binh province with unique traditions. Hoa Binh is far about 70 kilometers from Hanoi.

Lac village has 5 Thai ethnics: Ha, Vi, Lo, Mac, and Loc. Previously, the professions of the local people were growing rice and weaving brocade. Later, tourists found the hidden beauty of Lac village.

In 1993, the local government in Hoa Binh province allowed tourists to stay overnight in the village. Therefore, the name of Lac village has been well-known as a “bright spot” on the tourist map of Vietnam.

What to do

On to specialties of Lac village, Mai Chau, I must mention the magnificent natural scenery here. If it is your first time to visit this land, you will surely be overwhelmed right when driving through the winding, flanked passes with towering rocky mountains and deep slopes on both sides.

The scenery in Lac village

The scenery in Lac village

From weaving scarf, brocade dress to wear, women in the village have made a lot of souvenirs for tourists such as scarfs, skirts, lovely wallet, etc. Coming to Lac village, tourists can enjoy bamboo-tube rice and experience their daily life.

Ethnic people are very gentle and friendly. In the afternoon, the beautiful rays of the sun lightening the valley. Lac villagers will roast meat and cook a pot of bitter bamboo shoots for tourists. You can enjoy traditional dishes and listen to the thrill gongs.

Besides, you can also rent an electric car to visit Chieu located not far from the village, which is praised by many tourists for its greatness and the stalactites of thousands of years old.

Visiting Lac village, all kinds of tiredness will disappear. The range of mountain blends with cloud and the green color of rice fields along with stilt houses, creating a spectacular scene of Lac village. Let’s join a Mai Chau Hoa Binh tour and spend the holiday here to experience an exciting feeling.

It will be a shortcoming if you don’t go to Lac village market. There are many small, simple stalls here for tourists to buy and learn. Locals are considered as the funny and enthusiastic tour guides who’ll show you the strange items.

Enjoy specialties

Food is an indispensable highlight on a trip. Coming to Lac village, visitors will have a chance to have a meal with the local people.

The food here is mainly mountain and forest products grown or hunted by them such as bamboo-tube rice, sticky rice, pig, sour bamboo shoots, vegetables, hill chicken, steamed fish, and bitter bamboo shoots, etc.

Traveling around Lac village by electric cars

Traveling around Lac village by electric cars

With Mai Chau tour 2 days or Mai Chau tour 3 days, you should choose to stay overnight at stilt houses in Lac village and enjoy traditional music show in the evening. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to let us know or visit our website. Like and share the article if you love this place. Thank you.