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Top Luxury Hotels in Sapa

Top Luxury Hotels in Sapa

It is not so strange to see that there are a considerable number of luxury hotels with international standard in a famous and attractive tourism area like Sapa. Those deluxe hotels are predominantly situated in the crowded and exciting tourism area of the town or perfect location in which landscape of the magnificent nature around and peaceful town are on the sight of the room’s window. They are the largest hotel with vast space and often more than 50 rooms, in addition to the attractive design influenced by the European noble format and traditional Vietnamese decoration.

Additionally, these luxurious hotels offer more convenient and superior services to the guests than others hotel, with the purpose to create a relaxing and comfortable environment to their customers and distinguish them with other competitors in the same area. Therefore, entering these places means that the costumes are coming to paradise and they will have an unforgettable moment in Sapa town and the hotel also.

However, the room tariff of these hotels is a little more expensive than the average level of other popular hotels in Sapa with the lowest price is around USD 50 per night. Some suggested deluxe hotels in Sapa for the foreigners should be Victoria Resort, Muong Thanh Sapa Hotel or Chau Long Hotel.

Top 3 luxury hotels in Sapa

  1. Victoria Hotel and Resort Sapa
  2. Chau Long Hotel Sapa
  3. Green Bamboo Hotel Sapa

Victoria Hotel and Resort Sapa

Address: Center of Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Superior Twin

Superior Twin

It is the most luxurious and beautiful hotel in Sapa with traditional wooden houses of modern design. The scenery around the hotel is so magnificent and attractive to travelers that it is hard to describe how special it is; you are supposed to try to enjoy every minute in here.

While the rooms are up to international standards, the hotel also offers various extra services such as restaurant and bar, laundry, café, souvenir shops and even the private train cabin for sightseeing. The price of rooms is higher than that of others in the same area, with the lowest price being at USD 145 per night and the highest one at USD 215 per night.

Chau Long Hotel Sapa

Address: 24 Dong Loi, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Chau Long Hotel

Chau Long Hotel

It is one of the largest and famous hotels in the area. The hotel was constructed like a giant castle with arc shape designs in a large area. From the windows of any room at this hotel, the guests are likely to enjoy the beautifully fascinating sceneries of the town and the natural beauty around the place.

The room quality lives up to your expectation of 4-star hotels, able to serve any customers who have special requirements for their accommodation. The hotel also offers different kinds of extra service to fulfill the demand of the guest such as tour information, babysitting, restaurant, postal service, and laundry. The room price is quite reasonable with roughly USD 22 per person per night.

Green Bamboo Hotel Sapa

Address: 18 Muong Hoa Str , Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam

Bamboo Hotel Sapa

Bamboo Hotel Sapa

Bamboo Sapa Hotel is a famous hotel that is located in the center of Sapa Town. The hotel has a full and perfect view of the beautiful natural and artificial scenery around Hoang Lien Son Mountain and the Love market. The hotel rooms here are equipped with facilities of high quality matching the standard of a 3-stars hotel, including air conditioners, TV, bath-tub and balconies.

The room price of this hotel is somehow reasonable, with the lowest one of USD75 per night for Standard room (mountain and local view), and the highest price is USD 215 per night for Suite room which has a perfect look to the town. The hotel also provides many extra services such as casino, bar and café, restaurant, meeting rooms, sports court, and spa services.

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